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WallRock High Performance Paint QUART

WallRock High Performance Paint QUART

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WallRock® is an extremely durable designer quality wall paint for interior and exterior wall surfaces.


¥ rated to withstand 2500 consecutive scrubs
¥ OUTSTANDING DURABILITY Ð extremely high impact and abrasion resistance
¥ Primerless formula

¥ Water-based, user friendly and environmentally safe with very low VOCs


***We match to any name-brand paint color. Satisfy your need for design freedom Ñ backed by world-leading strength!

Typical Coverage:

¥ averages 350 sq.ft. per gallon

Application tools that may be required:
¥ Roller and handle
¥ airless paint spray equipment

Recommended Uses: Interior use on drywall (bare or painted), concrete, concrete block, wood, primed or pre-painted metal.

Priming: WallRockª is self priming for most colors and surfaces. For surfaces which are very slick, water-damaged or stained, a special purpose primer may be required. Ask your retailer for advice.

Application: Apply one or two thin uniform coats as required. Start from unpainted area and blend into wet area as you move along. Where color contrasts may be evident after painting, a second coat may be necessary. Do not apply below 50¼F (10¼C). ***For best durability and scrub performance, apply two coats.

Applying as White: Must be tinted. If white is desired as your finish color, just tell us and we will tint it for you prior to shipment.

Dry / Recoat Times: (70¼F) 30 - 60 minutes dry to touch (longer in humid conditions). Recoat after 2 hours. Painted surfaces may be washed after 14 days.

Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be clean and dry, stable and free from dust, dirt, oils, surface flaking, poorly bonded or glossy paint, sealers, salts and other contaminates which may effect adhesion and product performance.

  • DRYWALL: Should be in good repair and in paintable condition.
  • PAINTED SURFACES: Glossy oil paint must be lightly sanded with low grit sandpaper and then cleaned with TSP. (**WARNING: Where removal of old paint is required, lead dust may be released. Lead dust is toxic and can serious health problems. As a precaution, follow all recommended safety measures. Before starting, contact the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD for instructions on protection from lead.)
  • INTERIOR CONCRETE WALLS: Must be clean, structurally sound and free of efflorescence, sealers and other contaminants. Holes, extensive pitting and cracks should be filled before painting if a smooth surface is desired.
  • METAL SURFACES: Surface should be pre-primed with a metal primer to block formation of rust due to WallRockªÕs water content.

    *** Contractor discounts on higher quantity orders: 1-866-463-2424***

For more information about WallRock, please visit the main WallRock page.

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