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RollerRock® - DECK & DOCK - Elastomeric Stone Coating

RollerRock® - DECK & DOCK - Elastomeric Stone Coating

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For more information about the RollerRock Deck and Dock Coating System, please visit the main RollerRock D&D page.

Turn your wood deck, dock and porch into a beautiful, low maintenance surface!

ROLLERROCK® DECK & DOCK is an advanced new high performance, flexible stone coating formulated for use on pressure treated lumber and plywood. It locks onto wood surfaces while allowing for movement that resists cracking and peeling Ð even in sub-zero conditions.
Its decorative speckled finish rolls on as easily as paint, for stunning visual appeal and elegance that transforms decks, docks Ð and wood porches too!

RollerRock Deck and Dock
is a simple 2-step process requiring the following materials:

Step 1: Daich "ElastoLock" Waterproof Rubber Membrane, as directed (see instruction video)
Step 2:RollerRock Deck and Dock (Apply two coats 2 to 3 hours apart)

Coverage Rates:

ElastoLock: 100 sq.ft. per gallon
RollerRock Deck & Dock: 160 sq.ft. per gallon (2 coats required. as directed -- see instruction video)

Accessory Coatings:

Daich Satin Acrylic or Ultra Sealer: 200 sq.ft. per gallon (with 2 coats)

Application Tools Required:

¥ Daich "Terrazzo" Roller for applying RollerRock Deck and Dock Coating*
¥ Standard 3/8" or 1/2" paint roller for applying ElastoLock
¥ 4" brush for cutting in edges and brushing between boards

*For these tools, please go to the Tools and Accessories page for ordering information.

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