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RollerRock¨ Rollable Stone Coating – 5 GALLONS

RollerRock¨ Rollable Stone Coating – 5 GALLONS

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Choose from 12 popular lasting colors.

For more information about RollerRock, please visit the main RollerRock page.

RollerRock is a simple PRIMERLESS 2-step process requiring the following materials:

Step 1: RollerRock (Apply two coats 2 to 3 hours apart)
Step 2: Sealer coat (Ultra or Acrylic) the next day. (***For heavier duty, interior projects, seal with DaiHard Epoxy Clear Coat.)

IF ADDING A GROUT LINE OR FLAGSTONE EFFECT: APPLICATION OF TEXTURED PRIMER IS REQUIRED FIRST. (Allow primer to dry fully before laying down your preferred tile or flagstone pattern.) See the Flagstone and Grout Line stencil tape in our accessories area.

Coverage Rates:

RollerRock - Stone Texture Finish: 80 - 100 sq.ft. per gallon
RollerRock - Tile Texture Finish: 60 sq.ft. per gallon

Accessory Coatings:

Primer: 160 sq.ft. per gallon (with 1 to 2 coats)
200 sq.ft. per gallon (with 2 coats)

Application Tools Required:
1) RollerRock Stone Texture Roller* for rougher stone-like finishes.
2) RollerRock Tile Texture Roller* for smoother tile-like effects.
*For these tools, please go to the Tools and Accessories page for ordering information.

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