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Daich - Concrete Cleaner Etcher

Daich - Concrete Cleaner Etcher

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A safe and effective, ready-to-use choice for etching and cleaning concrete and masonry surfaces.

DAICH Concrete Cleaner/Etcher is an organic, low odor, non-corrosive cleaning and etching formula that replaces extremely corrosive and hazardous concrete etching products such as Muriatic Acid. It also effectively cleans concrete and masonry surfaces for optimal bond of all DAICH Spreadable Stone floor coatings and other products.

Working in 10Õ x 10Õ sections, apply Cleaner/Etcher by sweeping the watering can over the surface to ensure complete coverage. Using a stiff deck brush, spread Etcher/Cleaner over the section completely. It should begin to fizz or bubble, this is normal. (Note: If Cleaner/Etcher is not fizzing, it is not reacting on the concrete. The concrete may have been previously sealed. Sealers must be totally removed before applying DAICH Etcher/Cleaner.) Use the brush to scrub the solution into the surface in 2 directions, perpendicular to each other. Brush in short, firm motions over stains and spots.  When finished with one section, spray with water and wash away residue.  Pre-wet the next 10Õ X 10Õ section and repeat.  When finished, re-rinse completely with garden hose, washing away loosened material and cleaner residue.  Keep rinsing until water runs clean. Tip: For most reliable results, use a pressure washer to remove all cleaning and etching residues. All loosened powders must be removed or they will interfere with coating adhesion. Allow surface to dry completely, at least 4 hours or overnight, before applying any coating.

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